Masaki YOSHIDA, Ph.D.

Senior Scientist at the Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, Japan
  • Editor of Scientific Reports, Nature Publishing Group
  • Associate Editor of Geoscience Frontiers, Elsevier E.V.
E-mail: myoshida (at mark)


  • Geodynamics (Global tectonics and mantle dynamics)
  • Earth history
  • Seismotectonics
  • Computational fluid dynamics

About my research

I am engaged in the research on mantle dynamics and global tectonics with various geophysical approaches, in particular, numerical simulations, hydrodynamic theory analyses, and observational data analyses, in collaboration with seismologists, geologists, and geochemists. The aims of my study are to solve the thermal and compositional evolutions of the Earth's mantle and core, the onset conditions and mechanisms of plate tectonics, the behavior of subducted plates in the deep mantle, the driving forces of the supercontinental breakup and continental drift, and the tectonic and geological conditions for great earthquakes. Please find here for my recent research on 3-D numerical simulations of mantle convection.